Weekly Astrology October 18-24, 2020: I’m your Venus


This week Venus is the star of the show! Insecurities around your value and self-worth wil creep up on you in a distorted confrontation with responsibility versus surrender. You might be feeling like you aren’t doing enough and when you push yourself, things fizzle out. The New Moon from Friday October 16th, will be felt over the next seven days where you will feel restricted in your relationships. Choosing to be silent and at one with yourself is not irresponsible, it is healing. 


Sunday October 18, 2020:  Sun square Saturn & Venus opposing Neptune

Shirking responsibility versus surrender

Monday October 19, 2020:  Mars square Jupiter, Venus quincunx Mars, Venus trine Jupiter, &  Mercury opposing Uranus

Be strategic to avoid burn-out, self-sacrifice is not selfless, nervous anxiety

Tuesday October 20, 2020:  Venus square North Node

Don’t undervalue yourself

Wednesday October 21, 2020:  Venus trine Pluto


Thursday October 22, 2020:  Sun enters Scorpio & Mercury quincunx Chiron

Communicating from your depths can soothe your distorted perceptions

Saturday October 24, 2020: Venus trine Saturn

Feeling secure within your values and relationships

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