Mars Retrograde Sept. 9- Nov. 13, 2020: Into the Cleansing Fires

This information is from my medical astrology Instagram account @temple_of_venus.

Mars retrograde is a time when great feats of achievement, determination, focus, and strength can occur. Health matters and goals will require strong inner willpower as life will continue to slow down. You may discover that you are your own worst enemy that you need to go to war with. Mentality more than physicality will prevail.
Mars is turning retrograde on the fixed star Vertex which can cause eye injuries. Anyone who has this star natally suffers with eye strain. If need be, try some blue shield glasses during the next few months if you’re staring at a screen all day. Head injuries, accidents, cuts to the head, strokes, burns, low blood pressure, and migraines are possible (depending on your natal chart). Mars retrograde is a great time to have blood work done as results tend to be more precise and problems can be more easily detected.
Mars will be making some difficult aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and the Sun which will force us to rely on our own wisdom, inner-knowledge, perception, and spirituality to adapt to ever changing conditions. This is part of the energetic detox that we will each experience. You might feel intense emotions that are coming up to be released which will help to centre you. Some may feel powerless and defeated, but it’s part of the process in becoming more self-reliant and free.
Mars is retrograde in the Andromeda constellation where she found freedom by releasing the anger and resentment she had towards her parents for controlling her life. No matter how dystopian and restricting the world becomes, always remember that you are a free autonomous soul. We will be entering the cusp of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice which will open the collective consciousness to more freedom and autonomy.
It’s time to step into the cleansing fires and burn away the fears, anger, and doubts because as the old adage says, “free your mind and the rest will follow.”

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